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    Demonstrations for the Forms and Reports Services Install Type
  With this install type, you can run the demonstrations listed in the table below, plus the demonstrations for the "J2EE and Web Cache" install type.

Component Demo Description
Oracle Application Server Forms Services Forms Services Demonstrates a test for you to verify your installation. You will be prompted to install JInitiator on the client as part of this demonstration.
Oracle Forms Links to the Oracle Forms page on OTN for additional demos and sample code.
Oracle Application Server Reports Services Reports Services Demonstrates dynamic report output to both paper and the Web.

    Demonstrations for the J2EE and Web Cache Install Type
  The following demonstrations are available for all install types (because the components in the J2EE and Web Cache install type are also installed for the other install types).

Component Demo Description
Oracle HTTP Server FastCGI Displays environment settings using FastCGI.
Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) J2EE Demonstrations Samples, examples, and demonstrations for Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE, located on OTN.
Oracle Application Server Web Cache Is Web Cache Working? Demonstrates caching, expiration and edge-side page assembly.



  • ORACLE_HOME refers to the top-level installation directory for Oracle Application Server.
  • host refers to the machine where Oracle HTTP Server is running.
  • port refers to the port number on which Oracle HTTP Server is listening for incoming requests.


   Additional Demonstrations
Code Samples



You can find additional demonstrations and code samples for Oracle Application Server on Oracle Technology Network.


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